Parenting Toward the Kingdom

There is a great book that came out in 2016 through Ancient Faith Publishing called "Parenting Toward the Kingdom: Orthodox Christian Principles of Child-Rearing" by author Philip Mamalakis. I had actually bought a copy of this book last year and finished the introduction. Unfortunately I didn't make it any further in to the book because... Continue Reading →

Over-the-Rainbow Minestrone

We are in day eleven of the Dormition Fast. I was originally hoping to blog about a vegan-friendly food item every day for the first fourteen days of August during this fasting cycle...As you can see, I am eleven days late. I have featured this Taste of Home third place winner as a great vegan/Lenten... Continue Reading →

Lotion Hack

Since being married to TBF, he has religiously used Gold Bond lotion. His hands are manly and scary (calloused, rough, and dry). There is a certain type of Gold Bond that doesn't bother his hands while helping to moisturize. When we first met, he had about five of these lotion bottles that were worthy to... Continue Reading →

What’s on my mind?

I cannot believe I am blogging. With an eleven week old and an ever-evolving "three-nager" I can honestly say I don't take much time for myself. However, this week has been Vacation Church School at our home parish. This has been a blessing for both me and the Honey Badger. Our Honey Badger is getting... Continue Reading →


  "Helicopter parenting" is defined by as "a style of child rearing in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child's independence by being too involved in the child's life." I truly believe there are times in our child's life where they need to be guided and protected. Especially a small child, baby,... Continue Reading →

Snorting Warthog is now on Scene!

In late May of this year, the Honey Badger, TBF, and I welcomed the fourth member of our little family into the world: Snorting Warthog. Snorting Warthog is a very precious little girl. My mom commented the other day that it is amazing that one as little as six weeks old shows so much of... Continue Reading →

Craft Bins

A couple months ago, I was spending a rare moment on Pinterest. I came across the idea to create some craft bins for my soon-to-be three year old. Since living in Chicago, we have spent many days indoors due to the unfavorable weather conditions or my ever-growing pregnancy belly/lack of energy. The further along in... Continue Reading →

Hello Chicago!

Well, we moved! The adjustment period has been quite a transition because I have been pregnant this entire time.... Baby Girl #2 is coming in May! I have learned a lot about city living: Ditch the purse and grab a back-pack. Make sure to have reusable bags, because wherever you go, you have to pay... Continue Reading →

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