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The Sunshine after the storm

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." --1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 The last two years have been froth with change but now that we are in a place of settling down and finding our "new normal" (I hate that phrase BTW), I can hopefully... Continue Reading →

St. Jerome – excerpt from Letter 22 to Eustochium

It was many years ago when, for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, I had cut myself off from my home, my parents, my sister, my kinsmen, and - what was even more difficult - from an accustomed habit of good living. I was going to Jerusalem to be a soldier for Christ. But... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Now that we are journeying in to another decade, I think back to where I was just a short year ago. We were still in Chicago, getting ready to prepare for our imminent move back to Indiana. As everyone who moves anywhere knows how much work goes in to the moving process, I certainly wasn't... Continue Reading →

Just Pray!

"Do not concern yourself with the number of prayers read, but only lift your heart and mind to the Lord in prayer, and continue in a worthy manner for the time set aside. A few prayers, correctly read, are better than many prayers read through. And, of course, it is hard to keep from rushing... Continue Reading →


Time sure gets away from me, especially when we move locations. I find that it takes almost a full year to get fully settled. For our last move, I knew that getting fully settled meant that we would be moving again in six short months (we had signed an 18 month lease at our last... Continue Reading →

12 Great Feasts…

  I just finished "Meditations for the 12 Great Feasts: Becoming Fully Human in Christ" written by Vassilios Papavassiliou....but let me back up a bit... In November when the Nativity Fast had begun (November 15), I desired to learn more about the spiritual journey of the 40 days that lead up to the celebration of... Continue Reading →

Children’s Holiday Books

Every season, I get out our designated plastic totes that I have organized and set aside with each specific holiday. For example, I have several plastic tote containers for Christmas decorations, one tote for autumn/Halloween decorations, and one for miscellaneous holidays (such as Easter, St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day because there are so few... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Heart and the Bottle

Today, the Snorting Warthog and the Honey Badger met up some new friends at the local library. There is a list of recommended books that I try to grab when we go to the library; these books are on the homeschooling curriculum's reading list. However, as I muddle through the children's books in search of... Continue Reading →

Sickness and Motherhood…

For anyone out there who has encountered the seasonal flu or a head sucks. There is nothing awesome about it. In some instances, it feels debilitating. During these times, I often reflect on those that suffer from chronic pains, ailments, and diseases. I wonder how they make it through their daily suffering of pain,... Continue Reading →

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