Children’s Book Review: In the Candle’s Glow

Ancient Faith Publishing has done it again. This year, they released a children’s book that is both beautiful in teaching the Orthodox Christian faith, as well as rich in story and imagery.

Elizabeth Crispina Johnson, author of In the Candle’s Glow, has provided a wonderful children’s book, in which both child and parent grow in the faith…together. The book is approximately 32 pages in length and details the story of a little girl, named Felicia.

Felicia’s journey through the book includes her interactive experience in lighting the prayer candle, her prayers, and the origin of the candles themselves. The book ends with two beautiful prayers for the reader to share aloud or silently.

My daughter, the Honey Badger, and I read this throughout the week before she naps during the day or sleeps for the night. I include this as one of the last books in our book pile, because the story is so rich, I want to make sure it is one of the last things that she hears before falling asleep.

I would highly recommend this book to all Orthodox parents. This book is appropriate for children of all ages.

You may find more information on this book, In the Candle’s Glow, through the Ancient Faith Publishing website.

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