Lotion Hack

Since being married to TBF, he has religiously used Gold Bond lotion. His hands are manly and scary (calloused, rough, and dry). There is a certain type of Gold Bond that doesn’t bother his hands while helping to moisturize. When we first met, he had about five of these lotion bottles that were worthy to toss in the garbage…however, you could tell there was a little left at the bottom that just wasn’t easy to pump out of the container…

So I had the idea to get out my cutting board and Cutco knife and saw the darn thing in half. I used a half spatula and went around to all the “empty” Gold Bond lotion containers and pretty much gathered enough lotion that was about the equivalent of an entire lotion bottle.

I have been doing this ever since. I save the small Chinese restaurant sauce containers (reusable) and put my extra lotion in there. I give TBF a new Gold Bond to pump to his heart’s content, and I use the “leftovers.” This is what I gathered from just two “empty” lotion bottles earlier today. (This is all I have for today as I am getting screamed at by both my kids)…enjoy this little Life Hack!

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