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Happy New Year!

Now that we are journeying in to another decade, I think back to where I was just a short year ago. We were still in Chicago, getting ready to prepare for our imminent move back to Indiana. As everyone who moves anywhere knows how much work goes in to the moving process, I certainly wasn't... Continue Reading →


Time sure gets away from me, especially when we move locations. I find that it takes almost a full year to get fully settled. For our last move, I knew that getting fully settled meant that we would be moving again in six short months (we had signed an 18 month lease at our last... Continue Reading →

Children’s Holiday Books

Every season, I get out our designated plastic totes that I have organized and set aside with each specific holiday. For example, I have several plastic tote containers for Christmas decorations, one tote for autumn/Halloween decorations, and one for miscellaneous holidays (such as Easter, St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day because there are so few... Continue Reading →

Sickness and Motherhood…

For anyone out there who has encountered the seasonal flu or a head sucks. There is nothing awesome about it. In some instances, it feels debilitating. During these times, I often reflect on those that suffer from chronic pains, ailments, and diseases. I wonder how they make it through their daily suffering of pain,... Continue Reading →

Parenting Toward the Kingdom Retreat

Subsequent to my writing my last post about "Parenting Toward the Kingdom," TBF and I had an opportunity to attend a family retreat over the Labor Day weekend, which hosted author and professor, Phillip Mamalakis. We were the first ones to check in to the retreat center in Kansasville, Wisconsin after traveling all week on... Continue Reading →

Home-school Thoughts

I know that there are a lot of strong feelings for most people when they hear the words "home school." Some thoughts and feelings may be positive, but for many others there are more negative thoughts than anything else. A lot of what homeschooling looks like in real life is up to the style and... Continue Reading →

Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman

For anyone who survived the 90's, you'll fondly remember the TV series, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. I rarely watched this show, but I remember my mom randomly watching this series. For anyone that grew up as a millennial, or later, you probably don't recall a life with just three TV stations to pick from. There... Continue Reading →

Mark 1:23-28

The reading today for the Wednesday twelve weeks after Pentecost includes an excerpt from Mark 1:23-28: "Now there was a man in a synagogue with an unclean spirit. And he cried out, saying, 'Let us alone! What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? Did you come to destroy us? I know who... Continue Reading →

Parenting Toward the Kingdom

There is a great book that came out in 2016 through Ancient Faith Publishing called "Parenting Toward the Kingdom: Orthodox Christian Principles of Child-Rearing" by author Philip Mamalakis. I had actually bought a copy of this book last year and finished the introduction. Unfortunately I didn't make it any further in to the book because... Continue Reading →

Lotion Hack

Since being married to TBF, he has religiously used Gold Bond lotion. His hands are manly and scary (calloused, rough, and dry). There is a certain type of Gold Bond that doesn't bother his hands while helping to moisturize. When we first met, he had about five of these lotion bottles that were worthy to... Continue Reading →

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