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Time sure gets away from me, especially when we move locations. I find that it takes almost a full year to get fully settled. For our last move, I knew that getting fully settled meant that we would be moving again in six short months (we had signed an 18 month lease at our last place and had our second child). This move, God willing, is our last move for a very long time. When we can afford to, I just want to vacation more!!

We ended up moving back to where we had started our growing family, a town that we enjoyed and found family and friends nearby. Our previous move to the Windy City afforded us opportunities that we never would have had otherwise: mastering the public transportation system, participating in world class children’s music programs, and making new friends from all over the world. We connected with neighbors, families of coworkers, and our new baby.

All in all it was a good experience, even if every experience in the city wasn’t great. Our most recent move has been an adjustment for everyone, but I have found how much this has been the easiest of all the moves, even with two kids. At this stage in our lives Mr. O’Day and I share a similar style in how we want to live. We want to relax, spend time with one another, and enjoy each day. Some days it seems easier than others, but everyday always seems to be over before I know it.

We are blessed to return to our Church community, along with a new priest and his family from North Dakota. There are a lot of changes in the lives of our family members, as well as those in our Orthodox community. It seems as though everyone is growing in different ways, all at the same time.

Our girls celebrated another birthday this year and this really has given me a chance to try to savor the moments; I do find savoring moments very challenging when anticipating a move…I don’t know why, but I think I have moved enough times in my short time on this Earth to last a lifetime…and I want to settle down and live.

I am so thankful that Mr. O’Day has afforded me the opportunity to stay at home with the Honey Badger and the Snorting Warthog. They have been the joy of my life. I have even found that the relationships with some of those ladies that I moved away from have been strengthened by my coming back to NWI. I will say that is largely, if not 100%, just a change in the way I see the world now.

I truly hope I don’t wait more than six months until my next post (I find blogging, even to just myself as the sole reader as a therapeutic, beautiful opportunity of reflection).

I have about one hundred ideas for my next blog post, so stay tuned!


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