Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman

For anyone who survived the 90’s, you’ll fondly remember the TV series, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. I rarely watched this show, but I remember my mom randomly watching this series. For anyone that grew up as a millennial, or later, you probably don’t recall a life with just three TV stations to pick from. There wasn’t really any way to watch a favorite episode if you missed it for newer shows (there were reruns of older TV programs). DVR was also just coming on scene, but most people didn’t have this as an option. There was nothing like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or the tons of other streaming stations that enable us to binge watch our favorite TV shows both old and new.

Thank you to Amazon Prime, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman has made a re-entry in to my life. And just in time after having the Snorting Warthog and being chained to the couch throughout my day. I am not always afforded the opportunity to sit and read a book while nursing as I have the Honey Badger to contend with. Luckily, the Honey Badger looks forward to watching Dr. Quinn. This is our new “binge” series after watching all of “Monk” back in the spring (early 2000s cable series). But Dr. Quinn is a little more wholesome than Monk, an extremely quirky OCD homicide detective. However, both of these shows are much more wholesome than the majority of the garbage that is getting streamed for viewers of any age nowadays.

I love that each episode resolves (with the exception of the two-part series, which season three seems to have a plethora of). I love that each episode tries to battle major life themes, while including period drama that recounts a lot of real-life issues that were contemporary to the mid-1800s western expansionism and Indian relations/destruction. Sometimes there is conversation that is generated by my daughter as to what is going on and she is pretty bright at catching some interesting themes.

For anyone out there that has a recommendation on wholesome TV that is entertaining for both youngsters and adults alike, please let me know…I am always open to more suggestions. After Dr. Quinn, we are going to pick up on Star Trek, as these have a lot of great themes and are quite entertaining and thematic.

With Dr. Quinn you can enjoy episodes that have guest appearances from Kenny Rogers to Johnny Cash. I have even seen advertisements for a Dr. Quinn movie…as you can see, my life ambitions are low as I have this on the to-do list one day!!

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