Receiving Blankets

If you know me as a parent, you will have certainly seen me with one of my thirty to forty receiving blankets that get me through my week. I don’t know how I would survive the first two years of raising children without the use of receiving blankets, but I see barely anyone else use these versatile cloths…so I thought I would pass on some ways in which I find daily use for these handy little “blankets.”

First, it is imperative to point out that every child “container” that I use regularly has a receiving blanket in it. For example, the car seat, the swing, the bassinet, the changing table in the pack n’ play, and the rock n’ play sleeper always have a receiving blanket at the bottom before I put the Snorting Warthog in (now almost three months old). For anyone who has cared for a newborn, you have learned right away what a “poosplosion” is (aka “blowout”). I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have time to sit and scrub these baby items down on a regular basis. But I do have time to grab the receiving blanket that was lining said baby item and toss in to the washing machine. 90% of the time, the receiving blanket is the only thing that has poopy on it. That leaves the baby items in great, clean shape. In fact now that I am on to my second kid, almost all of the baby items looked brand new or very gently used for this very reason.

Another use for receiving blankets is lining my bed  with them (about where my public utilities are). Every night when I become engorged, I start leaking. Having a receiving blanket right at the level on the bed where I am leaking all over saves me from having to launder my bed sheets every other day. Additionally when I have to get up in the middle of the night and I start spraying everywhere when I hear my infant crying, I use a receiving blanket draped across my front to catching the spraying breast milk.

Of course I have used these as quick blankets in times when I don’t have enough to keep my kid warm because the weather or air conditioner is chillier than I anticipated.

Just this morning at the park, I used one to dry off my three year old after she had played in the splash pad at the park. I used another one to cover myself for privacy when I was nursing at the park. I have used one as a shield from the sun and other times, it doubles as a large burp cloth.

In the past, I have always put one down in the pack n’ play and then put the fitted sheet on top of it so that if there is any diaper leaking or vomiting, I can easily launder the fitted sheet and the receiving blanket with ease and the pack n’ play pad is in like new shape.

I use receiving blankets in public places to lay my baby on so that I do not need to put the Snorting Warthog on a public rug/carpet. An example of this was at the Honey Badger’s music class today. The expectation is that everyone removes their shoes before entering the classroom and sits on the rug, but that doesn’t mean that the rug is “clean.” So the receiving blanket is a safe and clean place for the Snorting Warthog to roll around on and the surface is clean in the event her pacifier falls on to the floor (it just falls onto the receiving blanket).

There are so many more ways to use these versatile cloths. In fact, I am coming up with a new way almost weekly and find myself relieved when I forgot something but remember I have a few receiving blankets in the diaper backpack.

Of course, Muslin blankets are great too, but they are not as thick to line the baby containers. They are also not as warm if the air conditioning is running full blast and the baby is chilly. There are great uses for Muslin blankets but they are different enough to have some on hand separately from what you will use receiving blankets for. Muslin blankets are much better for swaddling than are receiving blankets. Bottom line, if you are a new parent of an infant, or are expecting a baby soon, grab several packs of receiving blankets….you’ll be very happy you did!

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