Katherine’s Thai Chili Recipe

I love finding delicious vegan recipes that can be used all year long...especially during Lent and other fasting days within the Orthodox calendar. My friend, Katherine, gave me this recipe that I had tried a couple of years ago after she had brought it to church during a Lenten "coffee hour." Ingredients: 1 large sweet... Continue Reading →

Over-the-Rainbow Minestrone

We are in day eleven of the Dormition Fast. I was originally hoping to blog about a vegan-friendly food item every day for the first fourteen days of August during this fasting cycle...As you can see, I am eleven days late. I have featured this Taste of Home third place winner as a great vegan/Lenten... Continue Reading →

The Lenten Season is Among Us!

This past Sunday, our church, like so many other orthodox churches across the world, practiced the freedom of forgiveness. Following Divine Liturgy, we enjoyed one another's company during our coffee hour and then continued on with the Forgiveness Sunday Vesper service. This service includes all members of the congregation that choose to participate getting together... Continue Reading →

Part 5: Food, Faith, and Fasting

Rita Madden's book, Food, Faith, and Fasting, has been a guide and an indicator for me in using baby steps through the Orthodox Lenten journey. Our book blub covered chapter two of the book at our home, where we hosted eight lovely women who are on a very similar journey to my own (I am... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness Sunday

This year was my first Forgiveness Sunday experience. I have to say this is by far one of my most favorite parts of the church calendar (and there are some really neat Orthodox services that are mighty cool). Since the previous Sunday we said good-bye to meat (aka Meat-fare Sunday), Forgiveness Sunday is also known... Continue Reading →

Shiitake Portobello Stew

This amazing Lenten stew is outrageously delicious (assuming you like mushrooms and dishes with a little kick). This recipe is found on page 163 of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's cookbook entitled, "Eat to Live Cookbook." This is a cookbook that compliments his main informational book called "Eat to Live," which is an awesome guide to help... Continue Reading →

The Last Judgment Sunday

March 6th this year, we commemorated the Sunday that is referred to as The Last Judgment. This same Sunday, Orthodox Christians eat their last meat-filled meals before the Lenten Season begins. More appropriately this Sunday is known as Meat-Fare Sunday. Meat-fare Sunday this year we attended at Decent of the Holy Ghost Orthodox Church, which... Continue Reading →

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