Thank you Roomba!

Last Christmas, TBF surprised me with a wonderful gift (although I didn’t think so at first). There was a fabulous sale on Roombas, the robotic vacuum cleaner that is smarter than most people behind a normal vacuum (it even vacuums under things and along the floor boards).

At first, I was a little apprehensive, both at the price and insinuation I wasn’t doing a “good enough” job vacuuming. However both of those ideas held faulty logic. I realized within just a couple months that this was the best thing since sliced bread!

The price was right for the fact that I had a built in house-keeper, that only needed to be paid upfront (during the time of purchase), and I could utilize this so-called house keeper as many times as I needed, without complaint…Additionally, this gives the Honey Badger a reason to pick up her toys on a regular basis.

I run the “robot” about twice a week. It maps out which sections of the house that it has cleaned. The dust bin is usually filled every single time, so I empty it before running it again. We do not have a pet, but there are four of us in the house. I would recommend running it daily or at least every other day with a pet in the home (i.e. dog, cat, etc). I love that there is an app for this on my phone. So if we are out of town and I want to run the vacuum before coming home, I can activate the vacuum with just a push of a button (make sure you leave a decluttered home before going on a trip).

I had a friend recently ask me if it picks up larger debris such as cheerios. The answer is yes, but I haven’t tested larger items that that (cracker chunks, legos, etc). There is a filter that can be managed easily and other components that need cleaning periodically but are truly very easy to handle (I clean them maybe once a quarter).

For any parent out there, I would highly recommend a roomba. Do you your research before buying. There are different models and I have noticed other vacuum companies jumping on this bandwagon.

Happy Cleaning!

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