The Littlest Bunny in Indiana (Children’s Book Review)


TBF’s cousin Kathy got the Honey Badger an awesome present for her Baby Shower last year. The book by Lily Jacobs is called The Littlest Bunny in Indiana: An Easter Adventure. This is a great book for this time of the year as we approach Easter at the end of March. If you are looking for something extra in your little one’s Easter Basket, this is the book to pick up. The Honey Badger and I read this every morning when she is eating her breakfast and she is enthralled (at nine months now).

The rhyming sentences take you and your little buddy on an Easter adventure through Indiana. Towns that are specifically named:

  • Indianapolis
  • Conner Prairie
  • Fort Wayne
  • South Bend
  • Lafayette
  • Bloomington
  • Evansville

The illustrations are awesome. Part of Flop the Bunny’s adventures include various Hoosier sites such as:

  • Lucas Oil Stadium
  • The Indianapolis Capital Building
  • Chase Building downtown Indianapolis
  • Brown County State Park
  • Allen County Public Library
  • and more!

The story is cute overall, to include an Easter Egg Hunt (decorated eggs numbered 1 through 20). The book’s plot includes a counting game as Flop the Bunny hides Easter Eggs all throughout Indiana. The last page of the book includes all the answers in case one of the eggs cannot be located.

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